Token Sale

Comox Valley Lawncare is now selling 400,000 tokens with proposed ticker (LAWN) on various ethereum exchanges.  If your interested in getting in on purchasing some tokens you can do so right away here.  There is also the [Automated] way of buying tokens which might be easier for some if you send any amount of ethereum to the smart contract address you will be automatically deposited LAWN tokens if you have a problem with the system you can always email me and let me know how much ether you sent me.  It would be nice to make the market but I am not affluent enough to buy my own token but I can fix a few things if you email me.  Thanks for your interest in making this token minable!

Send your ether to 0x1c73c298928ea77165330fe796c1f41a804d8d0b to be rewarded

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Understanding what a new ICO does its part and parcel of every start up

Our current strategy is mining (altcoins) which makes up the majority of our revenues with this new addition to our plan by mining we plan on getting on the ground level of bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a growing success and bitcoin mining farms are popping up everywhere in the world we plan on leveraging the power of bitcoin to invest in this lucrative market.  Thanks for your interest!