Token Sale

Comox Valley Lawncare WAS HACKED! 3000 TOKENS WERE STOLEN! THE EXCHANGE IS FROZEN! any information is appreciated.  It would be nice to make the market but I am not affluent enough to buy my own token but I can fix a few things if you email me.  Thanks!

Unfortunately if your tracking my income I really do make it too easy!  If you insist in making our data farm more profitable please donate to our litecoin project!  Unfortunately Comox Valley Lawncare is deep in the red at the moment leasing hosting space any help would be appreciated.



Understanding what a new ICO does its part and parcel of every start up

Our current strategy is mining (altcoins) which makes up the majority of our revenues with this new addition to our plan by mining we plan on getting on the ground level of bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a growing success and bitcoin mining farms are popping up everywhere in the world we plan on leveraging the power of bitcoin to invest in this lucrative market.  Thanks for your interest! Unfortunately Mining Progress is so far impossible to say the least as our mining equipment was stolen your information would be helpful in identifying the thieves we want our bad luck to end.  Visit: