Comox Valley Lawn Care

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Escavator 2

Down for repair might charge the battery

Subsequent Movie

Perhaps the more tedious and mentally challenging job.


Would love to help plant this new seed from china.

What we do

Cryptocurrency mine and sometimes we cultivate propagate and instagate.

Major Changes

Morpheous told me to ask jesus.

Find Jesus

Jesus Can't be found in the four walls of any church christ there burying me in dirt.

Leveling the playground

All kinds of things going on.

Keeping it clean

Still waiting, Still Waiting, Still waiting it's 2020 internet should be globally available.

Making sense of a instagator

You will get 5 minutes for it in a penalty box I usually pass the puck.

Who knows its getting pretty dirty tactics now

Swingline says keep it level or keep it 100

Get in touch

Don't expect too much of me here.