Comox Valley Lawncare (Investment Opportunities)

Its not illegal to accept money from strangers but let me guess your investigating something and thought that you would add difficulty to raising 63 to 120 million usd?

Please don’t be ridiculous about this yes I own this company it makes nothing and it sure would be nice to look at this once and see a million dollars in it.

More about Comox Valley Lawncare ?

Ceo (Kevin Katovic)

CFO (Squid Delivery Services)

Executive Board Members

Ukranian Archival Society

Checkogloslavic’hs Mountain Retrieval GPS Chords Institution of the Gifted?

Dutch Intelligence Reservation Systems


1051 17th Street Courtenay, BC V9N 1Z6 +1 (778) 746-1322 Company Cell +1 (250) 465-0353

Don’t tease me I said yes already.


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